EFM GPA - The Entrepreneurial Family Man Scorecard
This form is an honest assessment for you to 'grade' yourself on how you're doing in your marriage, family and business enterprise.
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My work feels fulfilling, I enjoy it and am excited about my calling. *

My business is running like a well oiled machine with great systems and processes. *

I have close friends and business mentors that I lean on and learn from when I need support. *

I have a team of people within my business that fill in the gaps where I lack strengths and leadership. *

My wife and I are on the same page when it comes to how we raise our kids. *

I set aside time to connect individually with each child and am learning their unique needs. *

We eat dinner together as a family. *

Our home has a sense of order and peace with open, respectful communication. *

I have enough time to spend more quality and quantity time with my family. *

We intentionally offer new experiences to our kids to uncover and develop their unique strengths and abilities. *

I’m intentional about the spiritual development and growth of my children. *

My wife and I regularly go out on dates - without the kids - to make meaningful time together. *

My wife and I have a deep sense of connection and open communication. *

My wife would describe me as an excellent husband. *

I know my wife’s love language and speak it regularly. *

My wife and I celebrate each other and share each other’s failures, hopes and dreams. *

I'm physically intimate with my wife. *

I pray with and for my wife regularly. *

My wife and I are on the same page financially. *

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